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This article was written several years ago - although a reasonable summary of some of the options available at the time, it's rather out of date, and remains here for nostalgia reasons more than information.

If you want to know about the current options available now, take a look at Altairboy's Chastity Belt Website.

One of the most extreme forms of submission is to give up your sexual freedom to your partner - letting him or her decide not only when, or if, you can orgasm, but also controlling your ability to even touch your own genitals, through the use of a chastity belt.

When chastity belts are mentioned, most people think of those used in films like ‘Carry On Henry’ or ‘Everything you always wanted to know about sex (but were afraid to ask)’, which both feature characters in huge iron chastity belts with big keyholes. Today belts don’t need to be like that (unless you like them that way) and are designed to be worn under clothing without being noticed (though not all achieve this need very well).

Another popular myth is that they were used in the Middle Ages by the lord of the manor to lock up is wife or mistress while he was away. This is very unlikely, since if the original design of chastity belt were worn for such long periods, the hard metal rubbing against the skin for so long would cause cuts and infections. It is more likely that the women kept the key herself, and only locked the belt on during raids by opposing armies to protect herself from the possibility of being raped.

And though all the popular and historical references to chastity belts relate to women, today’s fetish market caters equally well for the security needs of both men and women. As I am male, my own interest is in belts for men (being locked into one, to be exact) and so this article will concentrate on that half of the market. In my experience, the places that stock male ones do not also stock female ones (the nature of the fetish market being as it is) and so I’m not very familiar with what is available for the slave-girl in need of serious restraint.

There are various practical problems for the maker of the chastity belt. The ideal belt would meet all these design criteria:

Not all of these are design aims for all belts. In my experience, there are many belts which don’t achieve any of the above. It annoys me greatly when I see advertisements in magazines for belts which claim to be unremovable and suitable for long term wear, and yet are neither. Usually the design relies on the cock being erect, and yet (depending on the man’s anatomy) it may fall off when he becomes flaccid.

And of course not all of the above are requirements for the purchaser (the wearer and key-holder may of course have different requirements) - it is an ideal thing to be worn at a club, to demonstrate the submissive’s dedication to their partner, in which case many of the above requirements are not needed.

The following are some of the more interesting belts I have come across. The descriptions are based on first or second hand experiences, not from the manufacturer’s details, and the prices and addresses are accurate as far as I know. There are others, and if you come across any good ones please let me know, but this is just a representative sample.

Expectations secure leather shorts

Take a tight fitting pair of leather shorts, and put a hole in for the cock and balls to poke through. Then add a flap of leather to the front, which zips up the sides of the groin, covering up the cock and balls. Add a belt which goes through the belt-loops on the shorts, and through loops attached to the zip runners, so that when the belt is locked, the zips cannot be pulled down, and so the cock is trapped inside. As a finishing touch, add two ‘belts’ around the tops of the thighs, also locked, to prevent sneaky access up the legs.

These shorts don’t achieve many of the design criteria for a chastity belt except security (they don’t allow the wearer to go to toilet), but great for leather lovers to wear down at the club. Fetters (see later) produce a similar pair of shorts, which are available with several variations, such as straps to hold the cock and balls in place inside the shorts, a metal plate with stubs on to fit inside the pouch and ‘stimulate’ the wearer, and a small hole for a catheter to be put through (though you should really know what you’re doing before playing with catheters).

UK$115 from Expectations, 75 Great Eastern Street, London EC2.

Fetters cock cuff

This consists of a handcuff which locks behind the cock and balls. A metal tube is welded to the cuff, and is bent downwards. The wearer’s cock goes through the tube (a snug fit) with the tip poking out of the end, and so the cock is held pointing down and unable to get hard. For a bit of added security, the cuff is attached to a leather harness which locks around the waist, and up between the arse cheeks.

It looks great, but it’s not suitable as a long term device - you can piss but not shit, and it puts quite a bulge in your trousers. And an important part of the security is the cuff around the balls, which must not, of course, be too tight, but some men may find that they can withdraw their balls if it is not tight enough - it would then only be locked on by the leather harness.

Around UK$80 from Fetters, Unit 2B, North Building, Westminster Business Square, Durham Street, Vauxhall, London SE11 5JH.

Waterhole locking jock cup

This is like a large cricket ‘protector’ cup which is held in place by two nylon straps forming a belt around the waist, and another two from the base of the cup which go up the arse cheeks and attach to the belt at the sides. The belt buckles and locks at the back. The cup has four holes drilled in it.

One of the unusual features of this belt is that it allows the wearer to shit, and, to a lesser degree, to piss, which involves pissing inside the cup and letting it drain through the holes.

Whereas this is not very hygienic, skillful use of a shower head can enable the wearer to remain reasonably clean (so I’m told), and so the belt can, in principle, be worn for long periods. Indeed, the owner of the company which makes it claims that he has been locked into it for several weeks, and has found it manageable and secure. The cup is plastic, and the straps nylon, and neither material are very kind to the skin if they are kept rubbing against it for long periods, so some sort of extra padding is needed.

$44 (US dollars) from Waterhole Custom Leather Inc, 982 Main St, East Hartford, CT 06108 USA.

Tollyboy chastity belt

This is definitely the Rolls Royce of chastity belts! It is made of stainless steel, with neoprene rubber where it comes in contact with the skin, making it just about the only style of belt for serious long term wear - and it comes with a serious price tag, too - around UK$300.

It has a waist belt, which locks with a high security lock, and from this a ‘codpiece’ entirely covers the groin. A tube locks inside the codpiece, into which the cock is put, and made to point downwards towards a drainage hole at the bottom. The tube is locked in place with another high security lock. The base of the codpiece is attached to two flat chains, which go up over the arse cheeks to the waist belt.

This design means that the wearer can go to the toilet, though pissing can be messy if they miss the hole. The manufacturers claim that it would take serious metalworking equipment to get someone out of the belt without the keys, and I can believe it.

This belt is also available in a female version - similar design, but instead of the tube, the codpiece has a mesh to allow the wearer to piss, but which prevents anything being inserted. The female version, but not for some reason the male version, is also available in a variation which does not have the arse chains, but instead has a strong, very thin bar which connects the codpiece up between the cheeks to the waist. The bar actually bisects the shit as it comes out, but it prevents anything from entering the arse - a very neat design!

Around UK$300 (and about 3 months!) from Tollyboy Products, PO Box 27, Dronfield, Sheffield S18 6DN.

Kali’s Teeth Bracelet

This is a short metal tube with spikes on the inside. The tube is split along its length, the two halves being joined with a hinge on one side and a hasp for a lock on the other. The limp cock shaft is placed into it, with the head poking out of the end, and it is locked shut - like a genital Iron Maiden. And, quite simply, as soon as the wearer starts to get aroused, the teeth dig into the cock and the agony takes his mind off whatever was exciting him!

This is quite a different form of chastity, since with all the other belts, the wearer can try to get hard and simply be prevented by something in the way, whereas this is designed to apply pain. In my opinion, this defeats one of the points of a chastity belt, because the wearer can’t get excited about the idea of wearing it, since it will be agony if he does.

The manufacturers claim that this device does not fall off the limp cock due to the fact that the cock head is always wider that the shaft - whether this is true rather depends on the individual, I think. They also say that, even though the spikes are not painful when the cock is limp, they prevent the tube being moved along the shaft.

$100 (US dollars) from The Power Exchange, PO Box 714, Walkersville, MD 21973, USA.

Piercing and tying

There are alternatives to buying equipment to achieve chastity. One is the use of piercings - for a male, a ring through the head of the cock (a Prince Albert or frenum) and one at the base (a guiche, behind the balls) can be locked together, preventing the cock from getting hard and straightening out. For a female, the labia can be pierced with a number of rings on either side, and then ‘laced’ together.

One problem with this is how to secure the rings for serious use - the ball can be glued into the ring, or a steel shackled padlock can be used. Of course, the piercings should be done in hygienic conditions by an experienced person, must be deep enough to take the strain, and must be fully healed before playing with them.

Another means of keeping a cock from getting hard is to tie it down, using a soft, not-too-thin cord such as a thick shoelace. For instance, the balls can be tied together, then the cock bent over them and the whole lot tied around - though this should be checked regularly to ensure that the circulation is not restricted - unless you’re into castration as well!

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