Mortice Deadlock's Day Out 2

On 5th June 2004, Lycraman, HB, Dave and I got together to confuse London!

Lycraman wore a snow lepoard suit, HB wore a purple suit, I wore a pink unicorn zebra suit, and Dave carried a camera to record the events.

When I met Lycraman and HB, they were already dressed up.
After I got changed in the Burger King in Camden, it wasn't long before people were taking our pictures
Lycraman and HB got a massage outside Camden market
Even aliens need a cigarette break
Lycraman had a brief fight with a ghoul
Three strange people and a... strange person!
I tried to help Lycraman out when his tail got caught in a door
It's a zebra crossing!
We headed down to Covent Garden
A person pretenting to be a statue meets a lepoard pretending to be...
Looking for the mother-ship
We went to our new favourite cafe, Coffee Cake and Kink
It's all in the eyes

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Lycraman got his snow leopard suit from Nadia in Italy. He has found her to be very helpful custom making the suits to his own specifications (for example adding the tail) and that the suits that he has obtained from her are produced with unique Italian style and beautiful material. She also sells some of her suits on her ebay store.

If you're interested, the camera used is a 6.3Megapixel Canon EOS 300D with a 35-135mm lens. Dave took 170 pictures on two 256Mb CF cards, of which the best 55 are on this website, scaled down and compressed for ease of download.

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