Mortice Deadlock's Day Out 5

On 7th July 2006, Peter and I got together to tour the sights of London, wearing various full body lycra gear.

We started in Green Park, where I met Peter - I'd been wearing a cycle suit on the way there
We went into the Hard Rock Cafe shop
I don't think my disguise of wearing a hat fooled the bouncer
Typical tourist...
The Hard Rock Cafe bar
The drawback of a suit with no mouth hole!
The hotel's employing animal doorman now!
In a park near Embankment
Outside Buckingham Palace
Tourists, there's always tourists...
Can leopards swim?
We went into a sailing shop near Embankment
Seals have to buy outer clothes somewhere...
Took some time out for shopping
Look at those melons!
Animals on the Underground
So, not the only leopard about...
On the way home

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