Your Fantasy Keysafe

This page lists some ideas for a time lock key safe - that is, a safe which you can set with a time, which will then not open until the time has expired.

This page lists the 'fantasy' features that such a key safe could have. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

I see the key safe working in one of two ways, depending on how it's engineered:

If you're interested, the basic idea is that it's based on a standard digital safe which you can buy then snip one of the wires in order to allow the timer or microprocessor to control it - so that answers any questions about how secure it would be.

Take a look at the safe I've already built (base on the 'Standard timer unit' plan above) here.

I think this should be availble from anyone's local hardware or stationary store. I'd be very interested if you could let me know how much a safe like this is in your local area, and where that is (what store in which country).

The Microprocessor I had in mind is a AVR board which is very cheap and resonably functional, specifically this ATtiny26 board.

I'm just trying to find out if there's a potential market for these things. If you're interested in the idea, you could help me out a lot by answering the following questions:

  1. If there was a website selling one of these, how much would you pay for it? More or less than 50 or 100 or $100 or $200 or what?
  2. Would either/any of the above styles be suitable?
  3. What other features would be a 'must'?
  4. What other features would be nice to have?
  5. If 'buying' it involved buying a small timer box with screw terminals from the website, then going to your local hardware or stationary store and buying a standard digital safe (usually about 30/$50), taking a panel off the inside, cutting a wire and putting the ends of the wires into the screw terminals, does that sound like too much work? Would that put you off buying it? This is because the safe is the heaviest part to deliver, but they're quite commonly available so it's a waste of delivery cost to ship the safe.
  6. Would web-based control of the safe be a desirable feature or a 'deal breaker'?
  7. What sort of computer do you have?
  8. Any other comments you have
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