Mortice's Lockbox

The following needs lots of pictures - I'll add them to the page later.

The is a plan for building a lockbox - a box containing a timer which, once locked, will not open until the set time is up. This is ideal for securing a bunch of keys to operate a chastity belt, handcuffs, or whatever you'd like to not be able to remove for a while :-)

The objective of this design is to be made with easily available parts, and not require any specific construction or electronic skill.

There are 2 designs:

What you need are the following: If you've got that lot together, the building is quite easy: The next part depends on on what version you're building: And to use it: Other thoughts: Please let me know if you build this, or if you have any other design suggestions (although bear in mind it's supposed to be simple to build from available parts).