Lottery Orders for Mortice Deadlock

I have agreed to obey a set of randomly selected orders.

The orders are selected from a list set by Master J in USA, and the selection is done according to the UK lottery results.

In the UK, the lottery includes a "bonus ball" which has a number between 1 and 49, drawn on a Saturday and a Wednesday, and a "Thunderball" between 1 and 14 drawn only on a Saturday. You can see the most recent results at

Have a go at checking out some orders based on random balls.

The Saturday and Wednesday bonus ball selects the day and when (if) I cum on that day.

For the Saturday bonus ball, the first digit specifies a day:

For the Wednesday ball, the first digit specifies a day:

The 2nd digit of the bonus ball sets the time of day on which I must cum, on the day specified by the first digit, although I can cum at other times of the day (unless this digit is 0):

The Thunderball sets what will be done based on the day selected by the first digit of the bonus ball, on either Saturday or Wednesday.

For the day selected by the Saturday bonus ball:

For the day selected by the Wednesday bonus ball:

Take a look at to see what orders I'm currently trying to obey :-)

If you would like to suggest extra or alternative rules, you can mail Master J at specifying what you'd like me to do.

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