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Hi, I'm a British bisexual sadomasochist into bondage and submission. I have a wide selection of kinks and fetishes - take a look at my
BDSM section for more information.

I'm 33 years old, 5'8", 11st (or 173cm, 154lb, 70Kg if you prefer), cropped hair, blue eyes, clean shaven, 5½" cut cock, 5 piercings and 2 tattoos.

I live in Reading, UK, where I work programming computers (what a surprise!) There's not much scene here except a few gay pubs (I'm often to be found in the Wynford Arms or the Granby) but it's quite handy for getting into London, where there's a lot more.

My PGP key is available.

I am on ICQ, number 12613383.

You can mail me at



BDSM is a composit of acronyms (!) which stand for Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, and Sadomasochism (SM). As a form of sex-play, it necessarily has to be done consentually, where both players negotiate what they're into and where their limits are. I would never let anyone tie me up if I suspected that they might then do stuff I didn't like, so trust is of paramount importance.

I'm into quite a few aspects of bondage and submission, such as being tied up, having things secured onto me, chastity belts, etc as well as fetishes for wearing rubber, Lycra (spandex) and PVC clothing. What I'm particularly into is the feeling that I'm no longer in control - such as when I'm tied down, and delightfully rude things are being done to my body, but I'm unable to help or hinder it. I love being blindfolded & having my hands secured (particularly if they're secured away from my cock!)

There are, however, lots of things that I'm not into - particularly anything involving pain such as being whipped, beaten, spanked, etc. I'm not much into anal stuff, particularly not into being fucked.

I have a particular interest in chastity belts.

I'm sometimes also known as Sparkie the dog - take a look.

I'm very much into Lycra, the brand name (copyright Dupont) of Spandex, and is what makes clothing stretchy (sportswear mostly). Cotton/Lycra is most common for leggings and other matt stretchy clothing, but I prefer nylon/Lycra which is the shiny stretchy material used for sportswear, especially cycle shorts (oooh!) Most of the sexy tight gear on my pictures page is Lycra.

I recently got a Lycra Suit - see pics!

Take a look at my toylist.

There's lots of BDSM stuff on the web:


Body modifications

I'm quite into body modification - something about their permanence, and about showing you have control over your body.

I have 5 piercings - take a look at a picture.

They are:

I vary the jewellery in them (particularly the frenum). I have a few stainless steel 'padlocks' which are secured with a screw, but aren't removable unless you have a suitable screwdriver, and I occasionally put a real padlock into the piercing - I have several times had a combination lock secured into my frenum for 2 weeks without knowing what the combination was! That's great fun to do (it doesn't stop me doing anything which I normally do, just gets in the way a bit) but I have to be careful I don't get any reaction to the metal - but no problem so far.

I got the top frenum and guiche done at Metal Morphosis in Old Compton St, London, the lower frenum at Into You in London (details here), and the PA and middle frenum at Cold Steel in Camden (see who also do a nice line in jewellery from their website.

I don't find they add much sensitivity to my cock, so they're really just ornamental.

For more information on piercings, take a look at the BME website, or the rec.arts.bodyart FAQ.

I also have a tattoo on my thigh, which was done at Ian's of Reading. It's a swirly geometric pattern thingy - no profound significance, just a pattern I like. The position of it, half way up my right thigh on the outside, is specifically so I can wear normal nearly-to-knee shorts and hide it, or can wear little jogging shorts and show it off. A while ago when I was wearing such shorts, someone came up to me in the street to say 'hi', just because he'd recognised me from the picture of my tattoo on my website!

And I have another tattoo on my upper left arm - an Impossible Triangle, I got at Into You (where I got the lower frenum piercing). It's high enough to be covered by a standard teeshirt, but I like to wear a sleeveless teeshirt to show it off :-)



I'm involved to varying degrees with several organisations:


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