MortiSafe timer controlled key safe

These are pics of a prototype key safe. It's based on UK components, but the same mechanism would work with US or any other country's electrical components. Click on any pic for a closer look.

Also see my other design which uses specific components which you can order over the web in UK, whereas this one uses generic parts.

It's a mains cable, with a mains timer plugged into it, and an transformer (such as is used for toys and rechargeable devices) plugged into that.

mortbox1.jpg (58650 bytes)

This goes inside  a box (this is a metal cash box), which has a solenoid (the black thing in the pic) positioned (fixed here on some blocks of wood) so that it gets in the way of the locking mechanism. The solenoid is powered by the transformer plugged into the timer.

mortbox2.jpg (56208 bytes)

In the picture below, you can see the lock is half-way closed. The power is off to the solenoid, so the rubber band (crude but effective) is pushing the solenoid's plunger into the lock. When the key is turned so that the lock hook is pointing upwards (locking the box), the plunger will snap into place, preventing the lock hook from turning, and so locking the box.

mortbox3.jpg (36476 bytes)

Set the timer before locking the box - for instance, set it to power up in one hour. Once the box is locked, wait. In an hour, the power will energise the solenoid, pulling it out of the way of the lock, and you can open the box.

mortbox4.jpg (39996 bytes) 

There are still some issues I need to sort out:

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