Mortice Deadlock's Party 1

The following is a true account of a party I went to on 18th June 2005, although some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty :)

I had been chatting with Master Simon online for a while, and he invited me to his 'leather party' in Brighton.

I had negotiated with Master Simon about what I should wear while travelling to his place and at the party. I was in 'normal gear' when I left home (always scared of being spotted by people from work!) but by the time I'd got underway, I had changed into just a tight lycra cycle skinsuit.

While Master Simon prepared for his party, he left me in his sleepsack for a while.

I was introduced to B, who had arrived for the party, but since I was still hooded, blindfolded, and secured in the sleepsack, I had no idea who he was!

Later I was released and changed into my party gear - full (except head) stretch PVC suit locked on, and cock cuff locked on.

B wanted to try being mummified, so we had him lie on a board propped up with books and wrapped palette wrap around his naked body, then made holes for his cock and nipples to poke through.

I thought the palette wrap would stick nicely to my PVC suit, so I spent a while with my forearms wrapped together.

M mentioned he had a straitjacket with him, so I asked if I could try it on. He asked if I wanted to try the hood too, I said, 'Of course'! Soon I was hugging myself in a securely buckled leather straitjacket, unable to see a thing through the zipped up eyes of the hood. I was lead around the house by some people (I had no idea who was doing what) then bent over something and tied down securely.

Someone played with my balls, and poked a finger down the tube of my cock cuff. Someone else poked something around the hood, which I sucked into my mouth. It turned out to be a cock, but I've no idea whose it was. I was very horny by this time, but the chastity device wasn't letting anyone at my cock, and no-one was unlocking it.

Eventually I was released and put into a large dog cage for a while.

I was released, and eventually everyone left the party. After some massage and sucking with S, we went to bed.

In the morning, Master Simon let me have a go with his electro gear (an ErosTek ET312). He put me into the straitjacket and leg spreader, with one electrode up my arse, 2 on the board clamped around my cock, and one on my balls.

I'd never tried any electro before, but it was quite a simulating experience! Master Simon gradually increased the level of stimulation from a tingle to a nice buzz to something that was quite a challenge. We used the traffic light system for safewording, and whenever I said it was getting towards amber, Master Simon would let it go just a little more before cutting back the power, which was quite effective :)

At one point he attached a microphone to the collar of the straight-jacket and connected it to the ErosTek. He then ordered me to start counting and every time I uttered a number my cock and arse got shocked, with slowly increasing power.

After he released me and took the straitjacket off me, I still had many dents from the zips and buckles.

I was very horny by then, but Master Simon would only let me cum if I agreed to wear tight lycra and a cockring on the way home.

I did cum, and I did wear the lycra and cockring for part of my journey, although half way through I stopped off in a toilet cubicle, stripped down naked except for cockring, cum again, then dressed suitable for returning home (cycle shorts and teeshirt).

In all it was quite a hot and horny 24 hours, with more various bondage and other play than I've had in ages!

Feel free to contact Master Simon or Mortice about any of this report.

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