Pictures of Mortice Deadlock

Here are some pictures of me, all under 40K - click on the thumbnail image to download any of them.

Here's some pics of a new cock cage I recently bought.

This was custom made based on my design (see the diagram below) and goes through 3 piercings on the underside of my cock, as well as engaging in the PA piercing.

Thumbnail picture cock cage

This is a lycra sleepsack (or is it a body bag, or a mummy bag) which I got from Bruce & Valerie's Lycra-Spandex.Com in their thick black nylon/Lycra fabric with rear lace-up thingy.

Thumbnail picture sleepsack

These are things I got from the Mr S leather store in San Francisco, except for the red vacuum pump which I got from Good Vibrations there.

Thumbnail picture november 99

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