Pictures of Mortice Deadlock

Here are some pictures of me in my full body rubber suit (yes, the hands, feet and hood are all one piece!) with locking zips, which I got from Cocoon.

On their site, under Male Catsuits, it's an FM7 (top right), size medium, in black 25thou rubber, with M1A tailored feet, M3 moulded gloves, M9 thru crotch zip, and 4 locking zip sliders.

MortFullRubberCrotch.jpg (47218 bytes) MortFullRubberBack.jpg (39817 bytes) MortFullRubberArse.jpg (46935 bytes) MortFullRubberFront.jpg (55276 bytes) MortFullRubberHead.jpg (27731 bytes) MortFullRubberSide.jpg (32805 bytes) MortFullRubberTurn.jpg (55969 bytes)

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