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By Mortice Deadlock, October 2001

I had known both Anton and Brian for many years.

I met Brian when I answered a contact ad seeking a "submissive slave for weekend fun", and back then Brian and Anton were sharing a house, and frequently sharing slaves too. I'm not sure which of them was the best Master, but of course it was always best when both of them were working on me.

They were both experts at bondage. Anton loved tying me up, or tying me down, to whatever furniture he could think of, always with lots of rope, always blindfolded. He would tease me while tied, then leave me a while to wonder when he would return.

I would feel a slight touch of something on my toe, and my cock would get hard at the prospect of more stimulation from him. I never knew which of those touches was him and which just a gust of wind, or just my imagination.

Brian, on the other hand, was the toys enthusiast. He had a great selection of rubber, leather and metal gear. I would often spend my time with Brian able to walk around, but restrained in a tight leather straitjacket and restrictive rubber hood, or immobilised in a sleepsack.

They had other common interests too. They loved showing off their gear and skills in public - a few times they took me to an SM club, where I would be in one of Brian's bondage suits and in Anton's ropework all night. One time, I never actually got to see or move inside the club at all; I was tightly bound and blindfolded from before we arrived to after we left.

And then there was the cum control. Both guys loved their slaves holding back an orgasm for their pleasure, and although I was allowed to cum when with them, I always had to work for it.

They would have me not wank for some time before meeting them, and that eventually turned into a standing order that I was never allowed to wank at all. I could pick up other guys, and cum due to being waked or sucked off by them, but I wasn't allowed to do it to myself. And I always obeyed that order - no matter how horny I got when on my own, I always knew that the next time I saw Brian or Anton, they would ask me if I'd cum, and I wouldn't be able to lie to them.

A while after I met them, Brian moved out due to work commitments to another town, but I kept seeing both of them.

We fell into a pattern. On a weekend when I was going to see them, about once a month, I would travel by train to Anton's house on Friday evening, then on Saturday travel on another train over to Brian's, then go home by train on Sunday. It was a lot of travelling, but well worth it.


One Saturday morning, as Anton was untying me from the ropes I had slept in, he told me that he and Brian had been talking about me.

"We thought that, since you're under our control while you're with me and while with Brian, you should really be under our control during the bit in the middle too, while travelling between us. So I got you this," and he pulled out a black teeshirt with the word "SLUT" in big white letters across it.

"You are going to wear this when you leave here, along with some nice tight cycle shorts, so you will feel controlled on the journey, and everyone will know it."

Wow! I'd played around with wearing unusual gear out in public before, but I'd never been ordered to do it before. The idea sounded great, publicly showing the control I was under.

Anton said, "Yes, that's what I want to see in the shorts," as he pointed down at the erection caused by the idea of exhibitionism.

She giggled. At first, she pretended not to be looking, but I could see she was.

She and her friend, who were each about 17, were sitting on the seats facing me on the busy train, so I had nowhere to hide. I think it was the teeshirt she was giggling at - not only was the "SLUT" obvious, but the bottom of the teeshirt had been cut off so it exposed my belly button and didn't cover up any of the shorts - but she might have been staring at my cock bulge, which was getting bigger all the time.

She whispered something right into her friend's ear. The friend glanced at me, then also giggled.

After a minute, and some nudging between the girls, the first one said to me, "Are you really a slut, like your teeshirt says?"

I wasn't expecting that, so I just answered, "Yes, I am," and smiled.

The other girl blurted out, "Did your girlfriend make you wear that?"

This was my chance to shock them. "No, my boyfriend."

After a moment, the second one said, "Are you sure you're gay, 'cause we can see what effect looking at us is having on you!" as she pointed directly at the sizeable bulge in my shorts.

Oh, that was awkward.

I thought of putting the briefcase on my lap to hide myself. Anton had put my clothes in this briefcase and set the combination locks so that I couldn't get to my clothes to cover myself up, but Brian could open it later. But I decided that hiding behind the case would be cheating.

I also thought about trying to explain that sexuality isn't just about looking at attractive people, but I gave up before I started; they wouldn't understand.

I chose a different tack. "Wouldn't you like to see your boyfriend in a pair of these shorts?"

She looked at my bulge, and said, "Ooo yea!"

This went on for a while. They asked about my boyfriend, and I explained that I was wearing this to embarrass me, and they asked if it was working, and I said yes.


Having me wear tight cycle shorts wasn't enough - this time Anton had put me into a one-piece blue tight stretchy suit, which had no sleeves, legs only down to my knees, and was suitably tight around my groin. It would have looked fine on an athletics field, but looked very odd on a train.

What's more, as well as the locked briefcase with my clothes in, I was given a letter, with a woman's name and address on it. I was to go to the address and do whatever I was told. I was told not to read the letter.

I recognised the town as being one my train passed through, so I got off the train there and went to the address.

It was a fetish shop. I went in, and handed the letter to the man behind the counter.

He looked at it, then called out, "Lisa!"

A woman appeared from a back room, and when she saw me she looked down to the erection developing clearly in my suit, and said, "Hello big boy!"

She took the letter, and smiled as she started to read it. She looked back at me as she read, then burst out laughing! She showed the man, who also laughed.

Still smiling, she said to me, "Right, lets see it then."

I just stared dumb at her.

Her eyes widened, and she said, "You don't know what's in this letter, do you?"

When I shook my head, she burst out laughing again, then said, "Right, well drop your suit and let me see your equipment."

As I unzipped the suit and pulled it off my shoulders, I could see the only other people in the shop, a couple, looking over to me.

Once my suit had dropped around my ankles, Lisa knelt down in front of me and took my balls in her hand. As she pulled and tugged them, she said, "Sorry we don't have a changing room for this, but I don't suppose you mind since everyone could see your tackle through that suit already."

As she tugged at my balls, her hand kept rubbing against my cock, which as getting harder all the time. By the time she was finished, it was pointing at the ceiling.

She went into the back of the shop, and as I stood there naked I looked around to see the couple staring open-mouthed at me.

Lisa came back with something. She saw my cock and said, "If that turned you on, you'll love this!"

She bent down again and pulled some more at my balls. Something felt cold and heavy, and I could see her tightening something.

She stood up, and I looked down to see a large shiny steel cylinder around the top of my balls. It was quite a weight, and I felt it pulling each time I moved.

She was holding a small spanner. "The letter said that I shouldn't give you this key in case you tried to take it off yourself, and that whoever wrote it has one at home already."

I pulled my suit up and zipped it, but there was no way I could try to hide the great bulge made by the ball weight.

As I picked up my briefcase to leave, Lisa came over to stand close to me. She put her hand on my balls and my still hard cock, grabbed hard, and whispered to me, "Any time you need any other hardware installing, you come back to me!"

As I left, I caught sight of my reflection - a guy in a very tight blue suit with two big bulges in the groin. One of them I didn't have the tools to remove, and the other wasn't going to go down while I was looking at the first one.

How ever was I going to get to Brian's without getting arrested for indecency!


"Brian has chosen your clothing for today," Anton told me, and I knew I was in for some trouble.

He pulled out a shiny rubber suit with short arms and legs. I stared aghast - I couldn't believe he was going to make me wear it in public!

He handed me the talc and some lube, so I thought I should get on with is. I put talc in the suit and pulled it on, but I had never used lube inside a rubber suit so I wasn't sure why he gave it to me.

But I found out! As I was pulling the suit tight up to my groin, I felt a prodding at my rear, and checked to find there was a buttplug inside the suit. Anton saw this as said, "Oh yes, and Brian will be checking that the plug is inserted properly."

I sighed, lubed up the plug, and slid it into my arse. It was a big one, so I was worried about sitting on it for the whole journey, but I knew I had no choice.

I pulled the rest of the suit on, and pulled the zip up. Only then did Anton bring out a length of chain and a big padlock. He put the chain around my neck, and put the lock through a hole in the zip pull, and through the ends of the chain.

As he snapped the lock shut, he said, "that will stop you trying to pull the plug out, and it will keep your cock secure too." There was no groin zip on the suit, so no chance to use the toilet before I get to Brian.

I looked at myself in the mirror, and saw how well the padlock stood out against the shiny black suit. "You can't really make me wear this out in public, can you?"

Anton smiled. "Oh no, we wouldn't be that cruel to you. I'll give you something to cover it up."

"Excuse me, dear, but what does 'rubber slut' mean?"

The woman sitting opposite me on the train, who must have been in her 70s at least, had been looking at me for a while. She had read the writing on the teeshirt that Anton had given me to cover up the padlock, although the lower half of the suit was in plain shiny black view.

I had to think fast for an answer. I decided to deflect the question by only answering half of it. I said, "Rubber is what my shorts are made of."

"Oh, that's nice. They're very shiny, aren't they? Is that what all the young fashionable people are wearing now?"

"Um, well, no, but they do keep the rain out."

And so we had a nice chat about wearing fetish gear as protection from the weather, and she seemed quite happy. Of course, she had no idea that it was fetish gear, or that I was locked into it, or that all the time I was sitting with a big rubber plug up my arse.


This time I felt I was lucky, I thought it was going to be much worse. Anton had given me a teeshirt with a picture of a man's legs on it, but not given me anything else to wear. I tried it on, and it was quite long, coming half way down my thigh, but I couldn't see how I could sit on the train wearing just a teeshirt and nothing on my lower half.

As usual, I complied with his wishes, and was just about to leave Anton's house naked except for the teeshirt, when he pushed a very small package into my hand and said, "When you get to the station, go into the toilets and look at this."

So, as I walked to the station, my cock was swinging free under the teeshirt.

I got there and went into the toilets, to find that the package contained a G-string! It was probably the smallest G-string you can get, being just string and a tiny triangle of material, but at least it was underwear. I put it on, and felt much better.

Sitting on the train would have been impossible without the G-string, but with it wasn't much easier. I kept trying to pull the teeshirt down, but it had reached its limit.

Fortunately, no-one was sitting opposite me, but a woman was sitting next to me. I realised that she kept looking at my legs.

After a while of staring, she said, "I like a good pair of legs on a man, and I like yours!" Then she put her hand on my thigh.

This could get awkward. I said, "Thanks," and hoped it would stop there.

She said, "So do they go all the way up?" as she lifted up my teeshirt. Her eyes bulged as she saw how little else I was wearing.

I pushed my teeshirt back down again, now feeling awkward and embarrassed.

She looked at me. "Don't you want me looking at all you have to offer then? Or would the little wife not approve?"

"I'm sorry, it's just, well, you're not really my type."

"Oh I see, so you prefer blondes or something?"

"Well, to put it more accurately, I prefer men."

She looked surprised. "Oh, well, I guess I really can't compete with that."

She left.

Of course, thinking about it afterwards got me horny, and I popped out of my G-string. Perhaps if she hadn't been so pushy from the start... who knows!


I had spent many hours locked into these leather chastity shorts before, but never while on public transport before.

They mostly looked like 'normal' leather shorts, except that there was a padlock hanging from the waist belt. Inside, my cock was held inside a pouch with a hard lining to prevent 'stimulation', and my arse was plugged. Of course, Anton had locked them on me, and only Brian was going to take them off.

On top I was wearing a leather teeshirt, which fortunately was just long enough to cover up the padlock.

I was sitting awkwardly on the train, since the plug in my arse was really too big for long-term wear. Some young guys sat opposite me.

"Wow, dude, you must really like leather," one of the said to me.

What could I say? "Yea."

"Do you have, like, wardrobes full of leather clothes and stuff?"

"Yea quite a bit."

I could have done without his chat, since the plug was somehow poking the wrong way and getting painful. I shuffled around on my seat.

"Wow, dude, is that a padlock on your shorts?" and he lifted my teeshirt up to see it. "Wow, you're locked into your shorts! Was it, like, your girlfriend who locked you up to stop you fooling around, or something?"

I said, "Yea, something like that," which was true.

"So what happens if, like, you get a boner, and you need to shoot your load?"

"I can't, until I'm unlocked."

"Dude, that would seriously piss me off. I would never let my girlfriend lock me up like that."

Strange that, even though this guy doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about, it's getting me horny that I'm talking with a stranger about my fetish. My cock is trying to get hard inside my shorts, but there's no room and it's getting quite painful.

I said to him, "You wank a lot then?"

He smiled, "Yea, dude, all the time!"

"Well I bet you'd find if your girlfriend controlled that habit, and you only ever came inside her, then sex would get much better for you and her."

"Yea? And would wearing lots of leather gear do that too?"

I don't think he's ever going to understand.


The mesh teeshirt wasn't too bad. It must have looked a bit strange, but I could cope with that. But the mesh shorts were something else entirely!

As I sat on the train, I could look down and see my cock lying against my leg. Well, I could see it through the mesh of the shorts, but to me it looked as clear as if I'd been naked.

My cock would never even lie down properly. A tight metal cockring was fixed around the base of my cock and balls, which I couldn't pull off because of a tight ball stretcher which was bolted around the top of my scrotum, weighing my balls down.

I was almost never completely flaccid due to the stimulation on my balls when I moved and the cockring not letting my cock go down for ages after it had got hard.

Fortunately the seats around me were empty. That is, until a guy came and sat opposite me. He had a sharp haircut, tight teeshirt, and very short shorts that looked like they were tight and stretchy like I'd worn before. He was quite handsome, and looked quite gay.

He looked me up & down, and said, "Nice shorts mate!"

He seemed interested, and was a nice guy. I wondered if it would go anywhere. I said, "Yours are nice shorts too."

He said, "Thanks," and leaned back to let me see just quite how tight they were.

My thoughts were getting my cock moving again, and in these clothes there was no hiding it. Of course he noticed. He said, "You getting lively in there?"

I decided to go in for the kill. I said, "Well I've not cum in a month, so feeling really horny now." Anton hadn't let me cum last night or this morning, and I hadn't picked anyone up for the last month, so the last time I'd cum was with Brian.

The guy looked amazed, and as I spoke I could see a lump forming in his shorts. He was up for it, so I said, "So I'm looking forward to shooting my load as soon as possible!"

He smiled and stood up. He gestured with his head before walking away, so I followed, watching his tight arse wiggle as he walked.

He went into the toilet and I followed. As soon as the door was locked, he turned to face me, knelt down, pulled my shorts down and took my cock into his mouth while pulling on my ball weight. It felt so good knowing I was going to cum after a month without, and then being teased by Anton so much.

I bent over and pushed my hand into his shorts - his cock was fully hard and I started rubbing it at the same pace as he was working my cock.

He stood up, and thrust his tongue into my mouth. I was still working his cock with my hands as he was doing the same on my cock with his hands.

I felt the start of a build up of an orgasm, just as I felt his breathing get harder and faster. My rush of cum and wave of orgasmic pleasure came as I felt his cum splashing onto my leg. We both cried out at the same time, as cum splashed around the room.

Once it was over and we'd started breathing again, I saw that my cum was pooled over the front of his shorts, and his had splashed over mine. We pulled out shorts back on, covered in cum stains, and left the toilet.

And outside, a woman was looking very disapproving at us, as we left the toilet together covered in stains, and each of us grinning from ear to ear.

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