By Mortice Deadlock, November 2001

Warning - this is a bit different from my usual style of story. It's an unpleasant tale which involves non-consensual activities.

I watched him, standing there.

Well, you can't really call it 'standing'. His hands were sealed into the stone pillars either side of him, and his feet sealed into the stone beneath him, so he had no choice but to 'stand' there until he died.

Partially, it was punishment. Quite a painful punishment, having your limbs forced into holes in the stonework, which were then filled with molten lead, and then left until you died of thirst, or animal attack, or injuries from the molten lead, or being stoned by children playing nearby, or any number of other retributions from the people of the city.

But mostly, it was a sign, to those who would consider Treason, of what the King did with those who crossed him.

There were 17 Condemned Squares which surrounded the city, and he was in one of them. Six feet from side to side and from top to bottom, the hollow squares made from four stone columns were a formidable sight for anyone approaching the city.

Currently 14 of them contained dead bodies in various stages of decay, all hanging by their arms stretched out to the sides of the Square, and one square containing this new body, with still a few days of life left in him.

I approached him on my horse. I came from behind him, since I knew he would strain to look around to see who I was.

I had my horse trot past him, then turn around so I could see him from the front. He seemed quite a pathetic man now, naked and begging for water. I couldn't give him any - helping someone who is Condemned is itself Treason, and besides, it's none of my business.

I couldn't help feeling sorry for him. I had seen the 'trial', which was just a pretence of justice. The man was a courtier in the Palace, where one of the princesses said he had 'touched' her. He said that she had wanted him to take his clothes off, and when he refused, she tried to take them off anyway. As she did so, a guard entered, and the she accused him of trying to rape her.

He didn't have a chance at the trial. When the princess gave evidence, she just cried a lot and was not specific about what he was supposed to have done. When he said that she was lying, the judge told him that accusing a princess of lying was tantamount to Treason in itself.

The real reason why he stood trapped in this stone square was that the bodies in the other squares were getting old. It was thought to be a good thing to keep the turnover of bodies regular, as a clear signal to those within and outside the city of what can happen to those that offend the King.

But his reason for being there was of no interest to me. I had watched his trial, and I had come to see him being secured into the stone square. I had listened to his screams as they held his hands inside holes in the stone pillars of the square, and poured in the molten lead, fixing his hands in place for the rest of his live. I had seen his pointless struggling and they held down his legs while they boiled his feet with more molten lead. And I had looked on as they had torn his clothes off, spat on him, and left him to die.

But my interest in him was as an available body.

Sodomy was illegal in the city, considered to be a crime against the body, and punishable by flogging. But anyone who is Condemned loses any rights - it is not a crime to assault one who is Condemned, so they are often used for archery target practice or just for the fun of stoning them. The lucky ones get his with a critical arrow or stone early on and are killed outright; the unlucky ones just slowly bleed to death as they are dying of thirst.

So a Condemned man is a fair victim for sodomy, and no-one minds who I fuck as long as they are Condemned. This is terrible for women who are Condemned, since there's usually a line of men waiting to rape them over and over again, but no-one bothers with the Condemned men. No-one except me.

As I watched him, he continued to beg me for water or release, but he knew his pleading was futile - no-one would risk being Condemned themselves by helping him.

Then he realised that I wasn't there to stone him or spit on him. He said, "What do you want?"

I had no reason to talk to him, nothing to benefit from explaining what I was going to do, I thought it better to show him.

I dismounted my horse, and took a bottle from a bag. The Condemned man's head turned to try to follow me as I walked around behind him. I poured some soapy fluid from the bottle onto my hand, then rubbed it on his arse.

He wasn't expecting that. He said, "What are you doing? What are you going to do to me?" When I pushed a soapy finger up his arse, he shouted, "Oh my God!"

I dropped my trousers, and rubbed my cock until it was hard. Then with a grunt I pushed it roughly into his tight virgin arse. He screamed out, "Aargh! My God no!"

But as I thrust into him, I could tell that his screams changed from pain to pleasure, and after a few minutes he was shouting out, "Yes, yes!" among the screams and other noises he was making. I looked over his shoulder to see that his cock was now rock hard.

Finally, after I had had enough, I gave a big grunt as I shot my load of cum into his arse, then withdrew my cock and pulled my trousers up.

He cried out, "No, please, more! You've got me so horny now! I have to cum!"

He begged me, just and he had begged for his life earlier. His cock stood erect, as hard as I had ever seen one.

He had been a good fuck, and I felt sorry for him.

I went to my horse, and from a bag I took out another bottle. I went back to him, from the front this time, and smeared the contents of the bottle over his cock.

He didn't know what I was doing, but still he said, "Thank you, thank you!"

I looked him in they eye, and said, "Yes, you should thank me, more than you will ever know."

I lead my horse over to him, and as soon as the horse smelled what I had put on his cock, it took the cock in its mouth.

The Condemned man smiled with ecstasy as the horse sucked on his cock, and I could see he was thrusting his cock in and out of the horse's mouth.

Within a minute, he shouted, "Yes! Yes!" and threw his head back as he enjoyed his last orgasm ever.

I slapped the horse hard on the rump. It slammed its mouth shut and threw its head back, severing the cock clean off the Condemned man's body.

I mounted the horse and rode away, again saying, "More than you will ever know."

I looked back to see the pool of blood fast forming between his legs. He was already unconscious, and very soon would be dead. A merciful release.

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