A Common Problem

By Mortice Deadlock, July 2001

Chapter 1

"Bowling? Really? It's an unusual injury to get from bowling."

The doctor didn't sound convinced, but I thought I might be able to get away with it. "Er, yes, bowling."

"And so how often do you go bowling?"

It wasn't going to work, but I thought I'd try to bluff it through. "Um, well, about... once in a while..."

The doctor sighed, took his glasses off, and leaned forward at me. "Mr Jones, I have seen the X-rays of your hand and the physiotherapists report, and I can say that in all my years of looking at hand pain problems, symptoms like yours have never been attributable to a bad technique at bowling."

Rats, found out. "Er, well... perhaps it's something else then?"

He looked at me, and knew exactly what I was hiding. "Really, Mr Jones, I think you and I both know why you have developed this pain in your right hand. Come now, we are both adults."

I felt ashamed, and looked down. "Yes, you're right, it's... it's..."

"Mr Jones, are you a compulsive masturbator?"


"Good, now we've found out what the problem is, we can try to find a solution. It's quite a common situation so there are several things we can try."

I was surprised that he took it like he sees it every day. I felt a little relief - perhaps it wouldn't be as bad as I'd expected.

The doctor checked some paperwork. "It seems that you are at quite an advanced stage, which limits the number of options. Basically we can treat one or other of the organs involved - either your hand or your penis. The question I have to ask you is, do you have a wife?"






"People with your problem who have a partner often opt to have their hand put into plaster. This stops them from using the hand for eating, typing, driving or anything else, but at least it doesn't prevent them from having sex with their partner. As it seems you don't have a sexual relationship, then plastering your penis will be a much more appropriate option."

What? Plastering my penis? Was he serious?? This sounds strange, I really didn't know what to expect.

The doctor continued, "Right then, could you lie on the table and remove your trousers and underwear."

That shocked me - I hadn't expect anything to happen quite so soon. This could be embarassing... I pushed down my jeans, but I couldn't take off the rubber one-piece suit I had on underneath without taking my teeshirt off as well. I took off my teeshirt, then had to go back to my jeans to find the keys to the zip on the suit.

All this time, the doctor tried to look like he wasn't watching me, but I could see he was getting impatient. He buzzed an intercom and asked a nurse to prepare a 'plasti-cast' treatment.

As I was struggling with the rubber suit, the nurse came in. She looked quite shocked when she saw me, but managed to say, "Do you need some help with your... clothing?"

"Ah, no thanks," I replied as I struggled to free one of my arms from the suit's arm.

Eventually, I managed to peel the rubber suit off, blowing clouds of talc everywhere, leaving me naked. I sure would not have worn that today if I'd know I'd have to strip off!

I heard the nurse giggling, and saw her turn away, trying to stifle a grin. And then I remembered the heavy ball stretching weight bolted firmly around the top of my scrotum! Of course, I didn't have the right type of spanner with me to loosen the bolts to take it off.

Now incredibly embarassed, I asked the doctor, "Erm, you wouldn't have an allen key spanner here, would you?"

The doctor rolled his eyes, then looked dowm at my balls trapped in the weight. He asked, "Have you worn that for long without any discomfort?"

I answered, "Yes." After all, I'd been wearing it all morning, which is quite a while.

"Well then, we'll have to just work around it then."

I lay on the table, and as the doctor prepared a mix of some powder and liquid, I tried to imagine what he might be about to do. I could only guess it would be a plaster cast, like on an arm, but on my cock! How strange it would be for my cock to be in a cast - would I still be able to feel it? Would the head poke out of the top? What would happen if I got hard?

The doctor coughed. "Um, I can't do it like this." He pointed, and I looked down to see he was pointing at my rock hard erection! He said, "The penis really needs to be flaccid for this part of the process."

He turned behind him, grabbed a book, and handed it to me. "Read this, it should take your mind off things, and I'll use a light anaesthetic spray to make sure the process doesn't re-stimulate you." The book was an encyclopaedia of gastric ulcers, and was very effective at taking my mind of anything erotic.

Meanwhile the nurse took a hanger from a cupboard, picked up my rubber suit, put its shoulders around the hanger, and zipped it up, smoothing down the sleeves as though it was creased, although it couldn't possibly have been. After hanging it up, she kept looking back at the suit, smiling - perhaps there's a rubber convert there?

As I read the book, I heard a spraying sound, then heard the mixture being slopped around, and some of it put around my groin, and I think my cock was moved around a few times, but I tried not to take any notice for fear of the embarassement of getting hard all over again.

After quite a while, which also involved what looked like a sun lamp shining on my groin, the doctor said that he was finished, and I could now see what he'd done.

I was horrified! I looked down at where my cock used to be, and all I saw was what looked like a perfectly smooth mound of some white rubbery plastic material, with a short thin tube coming out of it.

The doctor was very casual about it. "The catheter tube is where your urine will now come out. Your penis should be quite comfortable inside the plasti-cast, and shouldn't give you any problems. You should avoid any stimulation which might cause an erection, since you may experience some discomfort if your penis tries to become erect inside the cast."

He looked at me. "I should point out that the plasti-cast is bonded to your groin, so you really should't attempt to remove it. Remember that as long as your penis is inside the cast and you're not masturbating, your hand will quickly recover from the strain you've been putting it under."

But I hardly heard what he said. I was rubbing my hands over my new groin. The incredible pain I was feeling must have been due to the force of erection my cock was attempting inside the cast, but from the outside I couldn't feel a thing. Except I could still feel the weight of the ball ring pulling on my balls trapped inside the cast.

I so wish I'd cum before I came out to the doctor's surgery. I was so horny, and I now had no way to satify my lust. I'd been cumming at least three times a day for as long as I could remember, I just couldn't imagine surviving without it, cock constantly hard and balls constantly stretched. I would somehow have to just control myself for as many days as it would take until the doctor would remove the cast.

In my frantic lust, I hardly heard the doctor say, "Just make an appointment to come back in 6 months to review your progress..."

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