Pink Zebra Unicorn!

I ordered a suit (my third) from Bruce & Valerie's SpandexWear.Com.

The fabric is pink zebra, and I ordered the addition of a unicorn horn.

It only has eyeholes (no mouth hole) and has no zips except for a pair each going from a knee to the groin, where the zips meet. This means putting it on involves pulling the whole suit over my head & down my body, then putting my feet into the suit's feet and pulling up the zips. So when I'm standing normally with my legs together, there are no visible zips at all, and no obvious way of getting out of it :-)

The zebra patters plays havoc with the image compression algorithm, which means I've had to use a high compression factor in order to keep the files not too big. In some cases this means that the backgrounds of the pics look splodgy, but it doesn't seem to affect the suit pics much.

So what's a correct name for a zebra/unicorn cross?

Thumbnail picture pink zebra unicorn

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