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Having spent many years watching British telly, I've accumulated a vast knowledge (well, a bit) of TV series from the late 70s through to today.

The following are all phrases from British TV series over the last 3 decades - see if you can recognise/guess them, and click to see if you're right.

American Anglophiles may recognise a few of these phrases from those odd British programmes you get on the more obscure cable channels on your telly. Perhaps for non-English language countries, some of these may be lost in the translation. This list is arbitrarily only British programmes - I could go on for ages by including American programmes too - "I'm listening"!

If you spot any inaccuracies or deficiencies, let me know. And if you can think of anything which you think really should be in the list, let me know - though I've tried to avoid the most obvious catch phrases in some cases.

How did you do? If you got them all right, well done! If not, well done anyway!

Mail me if you have any corrections or suggestions for this list.

Ah, nostalgia's not what it used to be...

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